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Трискандха сутра упоминается в основополагающем труде Махаяны Бодхичарья-аватаре, как сутра, которую надо читать шесть раз в сутки.

Буквальный перевод названия - Сутра трех совокупностей. Также можно посмотреть значение термина Скандха.

Трижды ночью и трижды днем 
Перечитывай вслух Трискандха-сутру.
Так, вверив себя Победителям и бодхичитте, 
Очистишь свой ум от оставшихся пороков и злодеяний."
Шантидэва "Бодхичарья-аватара"

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(ждем перевода)

Текст на английском

Triskandha Nama Mahayana Sutra 

I, who am called by the name......, throughout all time seek refuge in the Guru; in the Buddha I seek refuge; in his Dharma I seek refuge ; in the Sangha I seek refuge. 

1. To the Teacher, Bhagavan, Tathagata, Arahat, Samyaksambuddha, the Sage of the Sakyaclan, I pay homage. 

2. To the Buddha Vajrasarapramardana, I pay homage. 

3. To the Buddha Ratnacirsa, I pay homage. 

4. To the Buddha Nageshvara I pay homage 

5. To the Buddha Virasena I pay homage. 

6. To the Buddha Viranandina I pay homage. 

7. To the Buddha Ratnagni I pay homage 

8. To the Buddha Ratnachandraprabha I pay homage 

9. To the Buddha Amoghdarshina I pay homage. 

10. To the Buddha Ratnachandra I pay homage 

11. To the Buddha Vimala I pay homage 

12. To the Buddha Shurdatta I pay homage. 

13. To the Buddha Brahma I pay homage 

14. To the Buddha Brahmadatta I pay homage 

15. To the Buddha Varuna I pay homage 

16. To the Buddha Varunadevadeva I pay homage 

17. To the Buddha Bhadrashri I pay homage 

18. To the Buddha Chandansri I pay homage 

19. To the Buddha Anantaujasri I pay homage 

20. To the Buddha Prabhasasri I pay homage 

21. To the Buddha Ashokasri I pay homage 

22. To the Buddha Narayana I pay homage 

23. To the Buddha Kusumasri I pay homage 

24. To the Tathagata Brahmajyotivikriditabhijna I pay homage 

25. To the Tathagata Padmajyotivikriditabhijna I pay homage 

26. To the Buddha Dhanasri I pay homage 

27. To the Buddha Smritisri I pay homage 

28. To the Buddha Suparikirtitanamadheyasri I pay homage 

29. To the Buddha Indraketudhvajaraja I pay homage   30. To the Buddha Suvikrant I pay homage 

31. To the Buddha Yuddhajaya I pay homage 

32. To the Buddha Vikrantagami I pay homage 

33. To the Buddha Samantabhasavyuhasri I pay homage 

34. To the Buddha Ratnapadmavikrami I pay homage 

35. To the Tathagata,Arahat,Samyaka Sambuddha, Ratnapadmasupratisthita sailendraraja I pay homage 

Led by these and the rest, in every sphere of the universe throughout the ten directions, Sugatas, Arahat, Samyeksambuddhas, however, many exist such as the Fully Awakened Ones who are alive and abide, I beseech them all to heed me. 

In this birth and throughout births that have endlessly begun, in all places of birth while spinning through the cycle of existence I have done wrong deeds throughout every realm, have provoked them to be done, and rejoiced at their being done. Is have stolen the wealth from places of offering, the wealth from those intent on virtue, and the wealth from those intent on virtue in the ten directions, or have provoked such a theft, or have rejoiced in the theft. I have committed the five unbounded heinous actions, have provoked their commitment or have rejoiced at their commitment. I have been involved in actually taking the path of the ten unwholesome actions, have commanded that it be entered, or have rejoiced at its being entered. Having been obscured by any obstacles from my previous actions, I shall be led into a realm of hell denizens, or shall be led to a place of birth as an animal, or shall be led to a land of the hungry spirits, or shall be born in a remote irreligious land, or shall be born a barbarian, or shall be born among long-living celestial beings, or shall become incomplete in sensory organs, or shall come to hold wrong views, or I shall become displeased with the presence of a Fully Awakened Being. But now, before the Fully Awakened Beings, the Endowed Transcendent Destroyers who became primordially aware, who became visionary, who became witnesses, who became valid, who see by their knowledge, I acknowledge and lay bare whatever such obstacles from my previous actions I have, all of them, without concealing any, without keeping anything secret, and hereafter I pledge to refrain from such actions. 

All Fully Awakened Transcendent Destroyers, please heed me. In this birth and throughout births that have endlessly begun in cyclic existence, in other births while turning in cyclic existence, whatever source of virtue there is in my giving even a morsel of food to just one being who is born as an animal, and whatever source of virtue there is in any maintaining discipline, and whatever source of virtue there is in my acting to spiritually ripen sentient beings, and whatever source of virtue there is in activating my mind towards supreme full awakening, and whatever source of virtue there is in unsurpassable pristine awareness, having collected them, brought them together and bound them all fast through dedicating them completely to the unsurpassable, to that of which there is no higher, to that which is even higher than the high, to the supreme surmounting even the supreme, I fully dedicate for the peerless awakening of absolute perfection. Just as the Fully Awakened Transcendent Destroyers of the past have dedicated, and just as the Fully Awakened Transcendent Destroyers who are yet to come will dedicate, and just as the Fully Awakened Transcendent Destroyers living now are dedicating, in the same way do I make this dedication. 

All wrongs individually I confess; in all merit I rejoice. All Fully Awakened Beings, I beseech and request you: may I and other realize the ultimate and supreme primordial awareness that is unsurpassable. 

Whoever are the supreme men, the Conquerors living now,  those of the past and likewise those who are yet to come,  praising their excellences, all like a limitless ocean,  I join my palms in prayer, going close to them for refuge. 

This completes The Exalted "Three Heaps", a sutra of the Great Vehicle. 

(English Translation) 

Buddhist Himalaya: A Journal of Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Methods 

Vol. X No. I & II (1999-2000) 

Copyright 1999 by Nagarjuna Institute of Exact Methods 


  • Объяснение по 35 Буддам в которых принимается Прибежище в начале сутры. Скачать

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