Travelling to India - Early Oct, opinions?

Travelling to India - Early Oct, opinions?

I am an early 30s and planning to travel to India with an indian friend. The best part is, he knows the geography and language, so it will be amazing experience! The thing is, I have a new 3 month old baby at home, and my wife is not so hot about me going to the country with rampant diseases like Malaria, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis, etc, and bringing something back to the baby. My health, she is less concerned about. I realize this is the most likely way to have fun, and this friend is a great guy. We're planning for 2 weeks, and going to Kerala, Goa, Bombay, Pune (where his family lives), and the Taj Mahal. So, the airfare alone is about $ 1100, not too big a deal, and he says travel, lodging and food expenses in India should be relatively cheap, even though he won 'to buy. to drink. Has anyone travelled around India? I ' ma bit of a hypochondriac, so I'm already planning to cover myself in DEET and geting the insecticide (pyrethrin?), Spray to impregnate your clothes, and carrying a mosquito net for sleeping. That will hopefully stave off Malaria and Dengue. But I still need to get whatever vaccinations I can. I'm in for the Malaria medications since I hear the side effects are pretty severe. I figure the bug repellant should be enough. Time is getting short, though, for my planning. Am I being paranoid? Is there something else I should be worried about? Any suggestions? Any must see places that I forgot?

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