First trip to India! What works? What doesn't?

First trip to India! What works? What doesn't?

I'm departing on my first ever trip to India from the U.S. Should I anticipate any technology issues? T-mobile has confirmed that I have free 2G data and text. How well does that work, practically? I have noticed that in some places, like China, it's functional, but dreadfully slow. Like dial-up slow. Any issues with standard IMAP email to/from the US? Any issues with IPSec VPNs to my U.S. offices and home? The U.S. side will be a pfsense box, and the mobile side will be Mac OS X's built-in IPSec client. I have a set of these India plug adapters. Voltage should not be a problem, as all my stuff is auto-switching. Any gotchas to be aware on re: power? Any issues with logging into sites and services like, PayPal, Venmo, etc. from India? I will need to pay bills and pay people, etc., in the U.S., while I'm in India. I've already told Chase to allow credit card transactions. WTF is up with the 30 minute time zone offset? Anything else to be wary of?

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