Comparative Religion Discussion: Buddhism

Comparative Religion Discussion: Buddhism

I wanted to start this discussion to gather your ideas about Buddhist practice, how it compares to Sikhism and Buddhism.
If you're not familiar with Buddhism, here is a quick rundown of the major differences between the two practices:
1) The most glaring difference, obviously, is the nontheism of Buddhism. While Buddhism does not specifically deny outright, the existence of a supreme creator, the Buddha did with it. Buddhists believe there are innumerable powerful gods in the cosmos, but they are subject to samsara just like the rest of us and incapable of creating anything. At the very least, a good Buddhist is agnostic.
2) While Sikhism emphasizes the householder life, Buddhism stresses the renunciation of the world through monastic training, although it's not at all necessary.
3) A part of this monastic training is the shaving of all head and facial hair, which is Sikhism strictly forbids.
4) The ultimate goal of Buddhism is Nirvana (or Parinirvana, the Nirvana after death), which is the complete eradication of suffering and samsara. In Sikhism, however, theultimate goal is union with God. Although they could possibly be seen as the same thing, the Sikhism is based on the idea.
5) Music, or gurbani, is of utmost importance in Sikhism. Buddhism, however, sees music as just another attachment which must be cut in order to realize Nirvana.
There are other differences, as well as similarities, but I'll let those come out in discussion. Please give your ideas, thoughts and questions. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Буддизм - система учений созданная Буддой Шакьямуни в 6 веке до нашей эры в Индии. В наше время буддизм распространен в странах Азии, также учение начало проникновение на запад (Россия, Европа, Америки) где в данный момент создано и создаются многочисленные центры передачи и сохранения учений.
Условно говоря буддизм можно разделить на 3 колесницы - Тхеравада (Хинаяна), Махаяна
 и Ваджраяна.
Основной практикой буддизма является медитация.